Join Us

Who can join?

Any organization, business, or individual that has an interest in Ohio’s energy industry can apply to join as either a “member organization” or an “individual member.” There are also FREE non-voting “student memberships.”

Just mail us a letter with your dues (as set out below) outlining who you are and who your voting designee is – its EASY!

Who can vote?

Every paid member gets a vote, weighted as (1) full vote for a “member organization” or (1/8) vote for each “individual member” (Student members are non-voting).

Why join us?

We advocate for our members at all levels of state and local government, we alert you to upcoming issues that impact Ohio’s energy industry, we send out helpful newsletters, we participate as stakeholders, and we are your boots on the ground!

Annual Membership Fees (rolling from the date of your membership)

Individual Membership: $50.00/yr

Student Membership: FREE (must provide proof of current student status)

Membership Organizations:

# of Employees                                               Annual Membership Dues

1 – 10                                                                   $500.00

11 – 50                                                                  $750.00

51 – 75                                                                  $1,500.00

76 – 100                                                              $2,500.00

101 – 200                                                            $3,500.00

201 – 300                                                            $4,500.00

301 – 400                                                            $5,500.00

401 – 500                                                            $6,500.00

500+                                                                    $8,000.00

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